Who Is Mama Solaris?

Her given name is Sia Natara, although she is commonly known as Mama Solaris, meaning "Mama of the Sun."

Mama Solaris is a Spiritual Coach that specializes in bridging the gap between spirituality and practicality.

Through her ability to interact with multiple dimensions across multiple timelines, she is able to channel the guidance that is necessary for the collective and individual ascension process in a way that is applicable to everyday life.

She specializes in reading and interpreting the human energy field as well as diagnosing chakra imbalances and blockages. She is also a studying astrologer and reiki practitioner.


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Sia's Story

Since childhood, Sia has been visited by beings of many different dimensions. Her whole life she has had a unique ability to read people through energy and thought broadcasts, but never knew how to use it.

Throughout her journey of healing from sexual trauma, verbal abuse, drug addiction, and the trials of becoming a mother at the age of 16, she learned how to apply spiritual principles during even the darkest of times in her life. It is through application and experience that she taught herself about the power of the spiritual journey.

Soon after the birth of her son, Sage Solaris, she launched Mama Solaris - and eventually started doing tarot card readings. It wasn't long before she realized the power her gifts had to activate and help people.

Since realizing this, she has mentored with several readers including Nami Nesterowicz of Angels by Sunami, and Brittany Hoogenboom of Synergy Soul. 

She is now training to become a Certified Metaphysical Practitioner, and in the meantime expanding her gifts more and more through one on one intuitive readings, public speaking, and event coordinating.